2015 Event Pledge Drive Begins

The 2015 DIVE 4 A CAUSE charity event will be held once again in August. This year the proceeds will be donated to aid over 1:1000 Canadian men, women and children living with lupus. So few have heard of it, yet worldwide it's seen as more common than leukemia, multiple sclerosis & muscular dystrophy combined! Lupus is an autoimmune disease with many manifestations, and each person's profile or list of symptoms is different. It is often referred to as “The Disease of a 1000 Faces.”

How can you participate?

Participation Method #1: Join us on a fund raising dive.
Register with a $20.00 pledge to join the dive. Download the pledge form and have your family, friends, co-workers, sponsor you.

Participation Method #2: Become a Sponsor. Dedicate one of your Club dives to fund raise.
Use the downloadable pledge form to collect donations or pledge online.

Participation Method #3: Make a pledge online.
The Lupus online pledge form will be available via the Dive 4 A Cause website.

Set a realistic goal and try to pass it. Every penny helps! So, remember, don’t take long to think about this…step up and make a difference!!!!!